Adam Berenson

204 Caviston Way

Ravel Overview

During the initial modeling of the home, a strong odor was noticed. After discovering the source of the odor, it was apparent that there was a water leak on the second floor.

Proper mitigation began and the homeowner notified.

Home Statistics

Year Built


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Mitigation report & Estimate

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Home service documentation


Overview of service visit

The home was initially visited to conduct a 3D scan. Upon seeing water damage the scan was stopped and mitigation started.

Completed items

The effected areas, the master suite area and garage, were contained, cleaned, dried, sealed, and fogged.

pending repair items

Put-back of all removed items (e.g., baseboard, insulation, drywall, toilet, etc.) will be completed by homeowner and/or contractor.

Service Visit Photo Highlights

Initial Discovery
A strong smell led to water damage in the garage.
Source of Water Loss Identified
Water was leaking from the toilet handle after the float failed to shut water off.
Remediation & Drying Begin
Remediation of mold and drying have the home prepped for put-back.

Service Visit Detailed photos Day 1

Service Visit Detailed photos Day 2

Service Visit Detailed photos Day 3

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