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444 Ford Rd.

Ravel Overview

The crawlspace was inspected for mold and other moisture-related issues. 

Microbial growth was mitigated through bulk removal and advanced hydrogen peroxide spray. All wooden components were sprayed with a bio-barrier and then fogged.

A hot water heater appeared to be leaking and that was brought to the attention of the owner. 

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Overview of service visit

A home service visit was conducted on 8/6/2019. Mold mitigation in the crawl space was completed.

Completed items

The entire crawl space was wiped, sprayed, and fogged to eliminate and prevent microbial growth.

pending repair items

There are no pending items outstanding

Items for future consideration

A hoot water heater showed signs of leaking and should be replaced at some point in the near future. 

The vapor barrier has fallen from the wall. Securing with a block nail gun and adhesive is recommended.

All condensation lines and downspouts should be moved further from home to prevent additional moisture intrusion. 

Service Visit Photo Highlights

Bulk Removal
Microbial growth was identified and removed.
Eliminating Microbial Growth
All areas were sprayed with advanced hydrogen peroxide. White bubbles appear as microbials are destroyed.
Mold Prevention Spray
A Preventative bio-barrier was sprayed and fogged throughout the crawlspace. UV light highlights the coating.

Service Visit Detailed photos

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