Disaster Restoration Services

Ravel’s disaster restoration services remove all doubt about whether you, your loved ones and your team are safe. We’re here to save your home or business.

Professional Disaster Restoration Services to Save Homes and Offices

Disaster Restoration Services

Our Disaster Restoration Services

Our Ravel technology is the most advanced amongst companies offering disaster restoration services.

Our disaster restoration services are are all about results. We value integrity, transparency and attention to detail. And those are only some of the reasons our customers rave about why Ravel is the only company you need. The question is: are you and your loved ones truly safe?

Home Inspections

We're like the Inspector Gadget of home inspections. We climb everywhere and inspect everything. From heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, you name it. If we can climb there, we'll check it. Our home inspections go the extra mile, and extra climb, because protection and prevention is the path to optimal home and office health. Go Mr. Gadget, go, that's the name.

Water Removal Services

Emergency? Someone call 9-1-1! And then call Ravel. But seriously, call us. We're here to help and we've even been told that our water removal services are faster than your local emergency response team. Scary. But a tsunami flowing through your home or business is more scary. We'll remove any amount of water and save the day with our water and mold prevention methods.

Mold Removal Services

Family gatherings over the holidays and friends stopping by are great. But mold is not. And no one wants to come over to a house with mold. We want to make your place mold-free and beautiful. And most importantly, healthy. Rest easy at night knowing your family and company is safe. Even an apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away if you've got mold.

Water Damage Restoration

We can't stop the rain but we can prevent water damage from ruining our personal and professional dreams. A home or business riddled with water damage is a nightmare. But if it happens, don't let water damage totally debilitate your family or your business wellbeing.

Mold Mitigation

Do you like to leave the fan on all day? Are you pointing your A/C vents true North (aka the term we use to prevent your vents from causing mold)? If you hesitated, you're at risk of mold. Ugh. But mold is more than a money problem. And more than aesthetics too. Mold is a serious health concern. Mitigating your mold mitigates your health risk. Shall we?

3-D Scanning & More Disaster Restoration Services

It's 2020 and we've decided to go futuristic. Mission accomplished! Our brand new alliance with the latest and greatest advanced technology has officially elevated our mold and water removal solutions to another planet. With our 3-d scanning services, your mold and Mother nature doesn't even stand a chance.